Toyota Dashboard and Warning Lights

Toyota Dashboard Lights and What They Mean

When a light pops up on your dashboard, your initial reaction might be to panic. Our service team here at Haddad Toyota is here to tell you that there's no reason to feel like your vehicle is about to break down when a light comes on.

Toyota's dashboard lights are meant to warn you when a system or part needs maintenance care, allowing you the time you need to schedule an appointment.

Toyota Dashboard Lights

Down below, you will find a list of possible Toyota dashboard lights that can appear. Knowing what each one means can help you decide what kind of appointment you need to schedule and how to address each issue that pops up!

ABS Light:
This light will feature the letters ABS surrounded by a circle, with a parentheses outside the circle. This light will indicate that your brakes need to be serviced. It can also indicate a problem with the anti-lock brakes or with your Toyota's Brake Assist system.

Tire Pressure Warning Light:
This symbol will look like a horseshoe-shaped light that features an exclamation point in the center. This light will indicate that your tire pressure has gotten too low. With low tires, you are more susceptible to flat tires as well as a drop in fuel efficiency.

Overheating Warning Light:
This icon will look like a thermometer floating on water. When this symbol is illuminated, it can indicate that your vehicle's engine could be overheating.

Fuel Warning Light:
When your gas tank starts to get low, you will get a warning light that looks like a gas pump. This is an indication that you will need to stop by a gas station soon and get filled up.

Check Engine Light:
Most Toyota vehicles have various reasons as to why you would see this symbol pop up. The Check Engine Light looks like a tiny engine, often with the word "Check" next to it. It can indicate a range of problems, like low oil pressure, a failing battery, engine misfires, a faulty oxygen sensor, an issue with the catalytic converter, damaged or worn serpentine belt, or even minor issues like a loose gas cap. Be sure to reach out to the Haddad Toyota service center if you see this light pop up.

Low Oil Pressure Warning Light:
This indicator light looks like a fuel can with oil dripping from the end. Should this pop up, we recommend that you pull your vehicle over immediately and turn the engine off. A drop in oil pressure can lead to significant damage to your engine but could be a simple fix like needing more oil.

Charging System Warning Light:
If an illuminated icon that looks like a battery appears on your dashboard, this can signify an issue with your vehicle's charging system. It can mean an issue with the battery or its connectors but can be complex, so we encourage you to reach out to us.

Slip Warning Light:
This light will look like the back of a car with two backward S-shapes trailing behind it. It indicates that your Toyota's traction control or vehicle stability control system has been engaged. This might mean that you are close to slipping, and it often appears when driving in less-than-favorable road conditions.

EPS Warning Light:
The Electrical Power Steering or EPS warning light looks like a steering wheel sitting next to an exclamation point. This icon lets you know that your Toyota has experienced a malfunction in the power steering system. It can mean that your power steering fluid levels have dropped, or it could indicate a more serious issue that needs expert service care.

Maintenance Required Warning Light:
Often, this light will pop up when you are due for a routine service need, like an oil change or tire rotation. The light will appear as a Maint Req'd symbol on your dash. While not an immediate problem, it can lead to more expensive repairs without proper care.

Open Door Warning Light:
This icon will show up as a car with four doors open on your Toyota dashboard. This means that one of your doors is still open, allowing you to close it properly.

Low Windshield Wiper Fluid Warning Light:
Should an icon that looks like a windshield with waves across it pop up on your windshield, you might need to top off your windshield wiper fluid. You can take care of this issue yourself with the purchase of the fluid from any gas station or automotive parts store.

System Indicator Lights:
Your Toyota vehicle will also feature a variety of lights to let you know when a certain system is engaged. If you see an icon with a car and a padlock, it means your security system is engaged. A person in a seat and a dark circle will let you know that the airbags are set to deploy in the event of a crash. Two arrows point away from each other will remind you that you have your turn signals on. If you see a picture of a speedometer and an arrow, you have set your cruise control. And, if you see an icon that looks like lamps, this means you have your headlights or high beams on.
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